Pattern test – ISHI DRESS

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My girls and dresses. They really, really don’t need any more of them. And yet, when I read the testers call by Straightgrain for her new pattern, the ISHI dress, I couldn’t resist. There’s something about a new, unreleased pattern that is so tempting, so irresistible even, that in a split second I had subscribed to testing. Lucky me, I got picked as well!

My assignment: size 5y

Options: blind zipper, short sleeves

The result was a beautiful dress, but too big for my skinny little 5-year-old. Problem? No problem! Just make another one I say, because this dress is not at all time consuming. It took me about 2 hours from the moment I started cutting the fabric until I finished the hem. Isn’t that great?

So I made a size 4y. And now the fit is spot on for my 1m06 tall (small) girl.  But I must say that I prefer her dresses to be rather a bit short than too long. (But what if she grows real fast now? Yeah right, like that’s going to happen 😉 people have been telling me that for five and a half years now and she still fits in the dresses I made almost 2 years ago. And if it does, little sister will do the honours of adopting this sweet little dress)

I have a weakness for pink. And black and white. As you can see here and here. And I’ve done it again, sorry!


The pattern is a real beauty. Great fit, easy to sew and a big hit with the little people because of the largest treasure collecting pockets I’ve ever seen. I also added a black ribbon to make it look like the dress has a collar. Quick and easy and o so cute. The dress has a blind zipper on the back, but there is also the option to close the dress with a row of buttons.

I fell in love with the panda printed fabric and found a matching black and pink harlequin fabric at Bambiblauw. I bought the pillows and the toy bag in the picture a while ago, they’re from the brand Nobodinoz. A match made in heaven, don’t you think?

IMG_2195kopie IMG_2184kopie IMG_2183

Kisses and hugs,



Pattern test – ISHI DRESS

39 thoughts on “Pattern test – ISHI DRESS

  1. An says:

    Heel af en toe passeert er iets in naai/blogland waarbij ik spijt heb dat er hier geen dochters in huis zijn. Dit jurkje is er weer zo één. Zo tof! En jij maakte er een hele knappe stoffencombo van. (An)

  2. vaesencarla says:

    Wauw,zo’n stoffencombinatie zou ik zelf niet bij elkaar leggen maar jij zit er helemaal boven op!Mooie foto’s,schattige dochter en prachtig kleedje!

  3. _katrien_ says:

    Gewoon perfect, het patroon, de stofjes en de dochter uiteraard.
    Mooie foto’s ook..
    Toch wel één van de mooiste creaties die ik heb gezien de laatste tijd!

  4. Aagje Huysman says:

    Yes she did it again! Stofjes, kleurtjes en motiefjes de perfecte mix. Modeconsulent nix voor jou?

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