Charles Pattern Test

A Little Rebel Without a Cause.

That’s M. My boy. And I love him for it. He’s charming, cuddly, sweet, pigheaded, tough and extremely noisy from time to time.

My little and very own James Dean.

Although most of my sewing time has been spent on my two daughters so far, I absolutely adore creating outfits for my son. I always try to capture his unique personality into his clothing. And then I enjoy watching him play around and get dirty in it.

The patterns of Marte from Compagnie M are a big hit when it comes to sewing for my oldest daughter, so when I had the opportunity to take part in the pattern test for her new Charles pants or dungarees, I immediately knew I was going to sew for M. Marte has twin girls herself, so I was curious to see if the fit was going to be ‘gender neutral’ or not.

Note: About that, I have my own opinion and view on what ‘boys-clothes’ and ‘girls-clothes’ should look like. As in, there are no rules whatsoever. My son can wear pink floral prints if that’s what he wants and if my daughters choose to wear black jeans and leather jackets, fine by me. It just so happens that my eldest is a true princess-loving, black-hating girl and M, well, he basically loves everything that has an animal-related print on it. My youngest is still a mystery to me.

Here’s what I came up with: a navy blue white striped woolmix combined with a lion print from cotton+steel. The latter actually being an incorrectly supplied etsy order. I was going for the chamois, but I got the lions instead. And apparently, I’m not the first that got hold of this fabric by accident. It’s haunted, I think. One look at it and it’s coming your way. You guys, forewarned is forearmed!




Anyway, back to the Charles dungarees. I made a size 3Y. M. is about 96 cm tall right now and I think the fit is perfect and yet there is still some scope for growth. I reused big buttons from my own worn Mer Du Nord winter jacket and I made large button holes. This makes getting dressed or undressed easy, urgent visits to the bathroom are not a problem at all (no need to open all of the buttons, opening the top 2 is enough). To complete the look, I made a simple white T-shirt with a high neckline and rolled up sleeves. The fabric was a left-over from the incredibly soft viscose jersey I used in this sweater for myself.

Give the boy some wheels (I wisely ignored the ‘ciggie’) and there you have it. A little rebel ready to conquer some hearts (making sure he will handle those with care is another project I’m working on!).

IMG_0943 JD IMG_0957






IMG_0982  IMG_0979  IMG_0981


Marte, thanks for another great design and thanks for having me in your pattern tour!

And to all of you who want to try out these pants/dungarees/shorts (yes, three in one), I can only say, go for it. Marte is offering a 10% discount the first week (the week of the pattern tour) with the code ‘charles-launch’.

This weeks pattern tour on Compagnie M will provide you with lots of inspiration and I hope I contributed to that!

Charles Pattern Test